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Hydrogel Injections

In the past if people were unhappy with their body they had the option of plastic surgery. This type of procedure could produce impressive results, but it was well beyond the budget of most people. These days there are new options available. One option that is being talked about a great deal at the moment is hydrogel injections.

It is often possible for people to get the type of body they want through strict diet and exercise, but this takes a high degree of motivation and self sacrifice to do this – this is hard to keep up long term. The look that most women are trying to achieve is the hour glass figure, but even with intensive exercise and proper diet it can be difficult to get their buttocks and thighs looking as they would like. The benefit of hydrogel injections is that they may allow people to sculpt their body with minimal effort.

Hydrogel Injections Explained

One way of describing hydrogel gels would be to say that they are injectable body fillers. The substance used in these injections is 95% water, and it comes in the form of a gel. When this gel is injected into the body it changes the shape of that area. It is mostly used around the buttocks and thigh area.

Hydrogel Injection Procedure

If people are having the hydrogel injection procedure performed by a professional they can expect the following to occur:

  • They may be asked to begin taking some antibiotic medication in the days prior to the treatment. This is prophylactic which means that it is done as a preventative measure and not to treat any current infection. The aim is that by giving these antibiotics prior to the procedure it reduces the risk of any infection occurring as a result of the treatment.
  • The medical professional who will be performing the procedure will first mark out the parts of the body where the augmentation is to take place. This is to ensure that they inject the gel in the right places to create the desired results.
  • As it is being injected it is usual to have to use strong massage on the buttock areas to ensure that the gel is spread evenly.
  • Once the gels have been injected it will cause the surrounding areas to appear red and swollen. This is normal and the swelling should go down within a couple of days.
  • There can be a bit of discomfort following the procedure but this can be managed with regular painkillers.

Post Hydrogel Injection

It is important that people do not have unrealistic expectations for how things are going to look immediately following the procedure. It can take about two weeks before the desired results become obvious. In the meantime there is likely to be swelling and one buttock may even look bigger than the other. There can also be the appearance of stretch marks which should become less noticeable over time. It is usual for people to continue taking antibiotics for about a week post procedure.

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